This is a little group to see if we, automotive enthusiasts of the same geographic location, are willing to share together our common interest. Have any automotive questions? See a cool car? See an interesting automotive article? Post it all here! Invite your friends!

Detroit Steel? JDM? European flair? Trucks? Whatever you fancy, let us know. Bias and debate is allowed, but keep it civil.

Edit: Absolutely no for sale posts or looking for posts (this includes wtb/wts/wtt) are allowed on CPCS. If you have a very unique and sought after item or vehicle for sale, please contact the admins to seek approval.
Complain about a lack of exotics or this or that, get banned. This is for all cars, and contributors, not complainers.

1. Do not make personal attacks. If a member has nothing but negativity to contribute he/she shall be banned. There will be warnings given.
2. Any vehicle year make and model can be posted as long as it is not spammed by a member repeatedly. (Please avoid self spotting unless it is a legitimate question)
3. If an argument between members begins getting out of hand, the administrators will take down the photo and delete the post only to repost it.
4. If any member “really” offends a member, that member shall contact an admin instead of taking matters into their own hands.
5. Trolling is allowed to a certain extent; don’t take it as far as personally attacking and or offending another member. You will get banned.
6. Photographs containing license plate numbers are permitted as long as the owner of the vehicle doesn’t care if his plate is online. If a member or an outsider shall ask for the plate number to be taken down, one of the admins will take the photo down edit out the plate and repost.
7. Members shall enjoy their time in this group and attending meets is optional.
8. Do not post illegal racing or videos of you doing something illegal.

Amendment I.
All content uploaded to CPCS is understood to be the content of the uploader and CPCS. No other member, outside entity, or third party source is permitted to share photos, video, comments, insight or any other creative material herein unless permission to do so is granted via CPCS leadership.

Sponsorship rules: Supporters of CPCS, via monetary support (presenting sponsor), product giveaway (title sponsor), revenue share (sponsor), or discount of services (partner) (all categories herein called “sponsor”) have the ability to now request pinned post, banner pic, titling of meets (i.e. “The cool powdercoating company Bloomingdale Car meet”). These sponsorships are per contract only, and are assumed to terminate once agreed term of sponsorship has expired. Current sponsors have first right of refusal to re-new sponsorship of any particular area of CPCS. Sponsors must positively represent CPCS and the automotive community at all times of term. CPCS reserves the right to refuse sponsorship from an entity.