Rally-Ready Safari Porsche 911 Monkey Business

Any day you see a Porsche on the streets is a good day. Its timeless lines make it the most recognizable shape in traffic. It is another thing to see a classic sports car braving the cold in the middle of winter, driving in snow no less!

Half of us may yell “Keep it inside, it will rust!” The other half yell “Cars are meant to be driven, right on!” I like to side with the latter.

Today we have this Porsche Safari, complete with rugged tires, new ride height, and countless upgrades, doing what it does best. The flat six soundtrack just makes this whole event even sweeter. This video was provided by resident supercar hooligan Jack Lumber, posted to Chicagoland Petrolheads and Car Spotters. This was shot in a private, undisclosed location, far from traffic, and moody mall parking lot security. Our heroes braved the cold to entertain us Porschephiles, and they certainly hit the mark.

Monkeying around?

Sorry, I had to.

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