Fake Tickets on Dibs and Now, Art: What’s Your Craziest Dibs Story?

Love it or hate it, Chicago snowstorms bring Chicago dibs- the old tradition of residents reserving their shoveled street parking spots, each year finding more creative ways to prevent another car from stealing the spot they labored over.

Some in the anti-dibs crowd have found their own unique ways to retaliate. 

Last winter, Salomon Lino shoveled out a space in front of his disabled neighbor’s home in Jeff Park, so he claimed it with Chicago’s classic dirty plastic lawn chair. He returned later to find someone had written a “warning ticket” from the Department of Streets & Sanitation.

From: dnainfo Chicago

The supposed fine for a repeat offense?  $500. He later verified with a city official that the citation is fake.

Others found ways to turn the tradition into charitable proceeds, while poking fun at the “dibs war” entirely.

Havas Chicago, a North Side ad agency, recently commissioned well-known artists to create hilarious custom dibs from the classic folding chair.

Some are being auctioned off, benefiting Lincoln Park Community services to help Chicago’s homeless population by providing housing, counseling, and job training.

by Jim Bachor


by Anthony Lewellen



by Ryan Duggan
by Havas Chicago


by Havas Chicago

The rest of the chairs can be found on their website, and are being auctioned off on eBay.

With the biggest snowfall of the year and more on the way, this weekend is sure to bring some interesting dibs. Tell us your craziest dibs story in the comments below or share a unique spot on the CPCS dibs post!


Mark Chauhan is primarily a photographer on PetroleYUM, but occasionally can think of words. See more of his photography on Flickr , Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

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