IndyCar Testing At Sebring Raceway Has Us Pumped For The 2018 Season

Sebring Raceway is widely known to be a destroyer of cars. Not in the sense of big crashes and body damage, but in the sense that the track surface is true to how it was many decades ago – an air field. The concrete and asphalt layout ravages suspensions and can shake loose things that would never come loose on any other track in the world. Perfect venue then, for Andretti and Ganassi IndyCar teams to shake down the new 2018 style IndyCars.

As a departure from last year, Honda and Chevy now have a universal aero kit, and we have to say it looks fantastic.

Even though the Daytona 24 hour race is currently at the forefront of our thoughts, it’s great to see what IndyCar has in store. Be on the lookout for our exclusive on-site coverage of select IndyCar races throughout the season.

IndyCar’s 2018 season can be found here.

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