High Mileage Marauder Is Far More Than Just A Car

Editor’s note: Dominick’s passion for his Marauder transcends most obstacles and follies that would have your average enthusiast throw in the towel and give up. Seeing his post today on Facebook made me realize that giving up and putting things off is simply a waste of an opportunity to learn, and gain experience. He’s a great friend, and happy to also call him an inspiration. I highly encourage anyone who can help store this car to reach out to him.

I got this car when I was barely 16. This was my first “car” (K5 was first vehicle) and now it’s getting to an age where it’s no longer dependable. Sometimes it was due to quick fixes, other times I would throw parts in it that were a downgrade, but cost and time saving. It’s all catching up now.

It doesn’t matter if it has 254,000 miles, age is age. Rubber rots, fluids go bad, parts wear out. Anyone else would move on and accept that. I don’t. I’ve never liked change. Ever. If I can love it forever (with anything or anyone) I will. Something or someone I like for more than 3 years will be in my life for the rest of my life until they get sick of me. I still like The Beach Boys as much as I ever did when I was 6 years old and still want to drive a car I put a quarter million miles on.

This is just like seeing a pet die, a house fall apart, parent with descending health… whatever you see on its way out that you remember in it’s prime that you are seeing age catch up to.

The Marauder was also my dads last ride in when he was alive and last ride ever when I buried him two years ago. The smart man approach would be to acknowledge I got 16 years of service out of it. Accept that it’s worth more parted out than sold as is and find something else. NO. I’M NOT SMART. I don’t accept reality.

Fixing this thing over and over has been getting more annoying than high school ever was in itself for me. High school wasn’t fun until I became friends with the people that even the bullies were scarred of. Life changes, my time is more important with music, health and finances than fixing a high mileage Merc.

I really hate walking away. but it’s time to walk away, at least for a few days. The car is stuck in OHIO and I need to get back to Chicago.

The problem is the radiator fan will not work unless I manually wire it to the battery and the coolant is frozen due to me filling it with water this summer. It’s all my fault. I know most cars do not get past 180,000 miles (at least from what I find in junkyards) but even if I surpassed the average by over 70,000 miles, I still feel like this is a fail. Taking these past 100,000 is pretty much a sin to most Marauder guys, but I pretty much despise most of the following the car has and found things to be much more drama free as a lone wolf and looking up how to fix things when they break.

Sorry to breakdown, it’s just a car, but it’s more to me than a car. It’s like a pet. Yes, I know it can be rebuild and fixed, unlike living matter, but given when I am in life and the decisions that I have made, all I can do is walk away. I don’t know if it’s pride keeping me from taking it to a shop (HIGHLY LIKELY) or the fact that I know I can fix it if I just walk away and relax for a few days… probably both because I know I can fix it for less than the dialogistic fee at the Ford Store 0.2 miles away. Yes I know a shop has cost of operations for utilities, has to pay employees and above all MUST PROFIT. There is nothing wrong with that. sometimes I don’t know how shops make money if you factor in…. everything.

I guess once you see how much it is to fix a car in parts alone, verse labor charge of a shop, it changes you. Just like the first time I ever cooked for myself and lived alone. I had no idea I could live off of $5 worth of food if I made it myself verses going to a restaurant and eating for $30 a plate.

Also, this is why I feel like I know nothing about cars. I don’t. I’ve always liked being a driver, not a mechanic, but if you want to play the guitar for a living, you have to fix the car or the car won’t be fixed!

Have a great night. I hope you are doing well.

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