Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger Celebrates 80 Years Of Mopar

The Mopar edition cars for Dodge are pretty well-known to be limited production and carry unique styling. Each year for Mopar editions, they figure out how to make it better than the last and I believe they’ve certainly topped themselves this time to commemorate 80 years of Mopar. We will point out details given from the press release as well as some photos for your enjoyment!


The Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger exterior comes in only two color options.  Hand painted two-tone contusion blue and billet silver with pitch black.

The fixed Mopar 392 logo, also hand-painted, gives a unique appearance to it rather than seeing the same old badge or vinyl. Note the Mopar logo turned 90 degrees to appear as the number 3 is a nice touch. Other reminders that circle the car make it obvious of its special edition.

The shaker hood will be standard along with hand painted pitch black areas surrounding. The Mopar logo and hand painted pitch black continues to the rear spoiler.

The 20 x 9-inch wheels carry the Dodge double forward slash logo which is also standard on the scat pack R/T. Black exhaust tips from the Hellcat exit the rear.


The 6.4-liter, 392 HEMI engine rated @ 485 horsepower and 475 lb.-ft. of torque and is equipped with the shaker hood which provides subtle performance increase and old school styling. Do we wish this was supercharged? Maybe. With how much labor is put into hand crafting this entire car though, the cost has to balance somewhere and if this were a Mopar edition Hellcat, we couldn’t justify what I would imagine a $100k sticker price for a Challenger.

A factory cold-air intake also delivers a slight performance advantage and more air is provided by the Hellcat derived air catcher system built into the headlamp. Mopar unique strut tower braces and caps are silver powder-coated and increase rigidity and handling. 4 piston Brembo brakes provide stopping power, although I think we would all like to see 6 piston calipers.


The seats are similar to that you would see in a road & track edition up to SRT trims but customized with Mopar logos instead to remind you of the special edition. Tungsten stitching trim the seats and throughout the vehicle. All other bits are familiar to what we see in other higher end trims from Dodge or of the FCA family models.

Special documents & goodies


The Mopar ’17 Dodge Challenger includes exclusive content that highlights the vehicle’s prestige and collectability. A Mopar ‘17 80th Anniversary badge is located under the hood, announcing 1-80 of the color option you chose. That’s right, only 80 vehicles will be produced for each color option making a very slim availability of only 160 ever made for this edition.

Each customer will receive an owner’s kit, which includes the following:

  • Mopar welcome letter
  • “Birth certificate” with vehicle specs, manufacture date and vehicle number
  • Hand signed by builder from the FCA US LLC product design office
  • Booklet with special information of car
  • Custom acrylic memorabilia showpiece
  • Mopar spare valve stem caps
  • Mopar ’17 keychain and 80th anniversary badge

Celebrate Mopar’s 80 years


I would like to pay credit to my colleagues with PetroleYUM, Dodge, FCA and Chicago Auto Show for providing this opportunity to see these special vehicles in person as well as providing all the stock high-resolution photos and press release information. I would also like to thank FCA for giving me a very cool gift that contained much of this information to write about (see pictures below).

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