Market Watch: The bubble is popping!

That’s right!

All the cars we were drooling over about for the past few years have met their maker in depreciation and those rides are ready for bargain shoppers wanting a high-powered car. Right now, or at least soon, you’ll be able to get into the driver seat of one of these cars without taking out a second mortgage (well, for most of them).

What I will include is cost of vehicle being available to the mature auto enthusiast making a reasonable salary. Additionally, I will include 5 year prediction numbers for vehicles listed. Please do not hold my predictions with weight but I strongly stand behind them. All cars will be listed in no particular order.


Here are the notable vehicles to look out for in your next purchase:


2009+ Nissan GTR


  • Retail: $70,000-80,000
  • Today: $45,000-55,000
  • 5 year: $30,000-40,000

Resale value for these cars have been holding extremely well, but value is pending to implode once Nissan introduces its R35 successor due in 2020. Prices are already pretty attainable for the earlier models.


2007-2011 Audi R8


4.2 V8

  • Retail: $110,000-130,000
  • Today:    $60,000-80,000
  • 5 year:    $40,000-50,000

5.2 V10

  • Retail: $160,000-180,000
  • Today:     $80,000-90,000
  • 5 year:    $50,000-65,000

You have the option of V8 versus the V10 and the power differences therein. The V8 is still no slouch and can be modified very well. The V10 is only available from 2009 and beyond. The more Audi releases revisions to this car, the more these earlier model values drive down.


2015-2016 Dodge Charger/Challenger Hellcat


  • Retail: $60,000-90,000
  • Today: $50,000-60,000
  • 5 year: $35,000-45,000

Most known for its ridiculous amount of power and its ridiculous amount of dealership markups. The dealerships are about to cry because these cars are still new to the market, but the value is dropping significantly for used models every year. With the Dodge “Demon” underway, the Hellcat will be dropping even faster. The Challenger is more feasible on price vs the Charger since the Hellcat Charger is a little more uncommon.


2012-2013 McLaren MP4-12C


  • Retail: $220,000-250,000
  • Today:  $125,000-140,000
  • 5 year:     $75,000-90,000

Okay, so this isn’t exactly the best example but hear me out. When you compare MSRP to what the value is today, it’s cut entirely in half… I predict similar results 5 years down the road but still within a range that some folks would contemplate purchasing with a hefty down payment in hand.


2014-2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51


  • Retail: $65,000-75,000
  • Today: $38,000-45,000
  • 5 year: $25,000-35,000

The 7th generation Corvette, just like 6th generation before it, gets thrown into the melting pot of depreciation. The Z51 performance packages don’t really offer much of a “performance” than an appearance package. This will likely be the most common sports car on the road 5 years to come.


2014-2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28


  • Retail: $76,000-80,000
  • Today: $40,000-45,000
  • 5 year: $30,000-35,000

Chevrolet made a valiant effort with the Z/28 Camaro. The 5th generation Camaro Z/28 turned out to be one of the worst selling trims in the Camaro family. Lucky for bargain shoppers, bad sales and ambitious retail price led the Z/28 to be more affordable than ever for a 100% driver focused track racer that only includes air conditioning as an option.


2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350


  • Retail: $55,000-60,000
  • Today: $45,000-50,000
  • 5 year: $30,000-35,000

Ford just released this magnificent piece of machinery, but it’s already showing typical signs of depreciation. Dealerships are currently still holding on by a thread to markup these great cars the best they can for the longest time possible. These cars are already in a good price range, wait a little longer and they’ll be a top purchase.



Market Watch is a segment that focuses on used car values and includes predictions of value over the next 5 years. This one in particular focuses on cars that fuel those of an enthusiast. If you have any cars in mind that have been available for the past few years and notice value dropping significantly, let us know in the comments.


Sources: GTR  ; R8 ; Hellcat ; MP4-12C ; Corvette ; Z/28 ; GT350





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