Kia K900 Is The Perfect Set Of Wheels For A Road Trip

If you think I only have an appreciation for high horsepower and incredible g-force loads, then you don’t really know me. I think softness and fat rubber on tires is incredibly underrated. I think a car that can sit happy at highway speeds for hours on end is among the best of the best. That considered, Kia’s K900 is near perfect.


Big body luxury cars are such an absolute joy, because they do everything they can to be practically invisible to you. You don’t notice your back hurting, because the seats are made to coddle you. You don’t notice the suspension, because the car doesn’t crash over seams in the pavement. You don’t notice the engine because of the 40,000 lbs of sound deadening material. You don’t even notice hurricane speed winds moving all around the vehicle, because the car just doesn’t react to anything. The car simply refuses to do anything apart from propel you forward in a completely relaxed state.


Kia, with their K900 is the entry version of their luxury car segment, with the Genesis spin-off brand seeing a bit more attention. Despite the Genesis brand getting more attention, K900 quality doesn’t suffer at all. UVO entertainment center is on par with the best systems out there today, and Lexicon sound system can be used to full effect in the quiet cabin.


This particular model is the V6 Luxury, with a 3.8 V6 powering the back wheels. Total power is 311, which is enough, but the most surprising part comes in terms of how little fuel it guzzles. During my week-long stint with the big body Kia, I always exceeded the estimated fuel consumption. With a Trip from Chicago to the middle of Michigan, this was a huge relief.


Highway manners are absolutely perfect. I found the car’s cruising sweet spot at just over highway speed, but even at a constant 70, that fuel mileage reliably stayed close to 30mpg, if not more. Making the highway-blast a little less stressful is a slew of driver tech to be an extra set of eyes. Blind spot monitoring, radar cruise, and more are all available. Best of the bunch was the lane departure warning system, which was useful, and nowhere near as intrusive or annoying as it is on other brands. A head-up-display shows you all of those important aspects of the car.


For a car that barely scratches $60,000 dollars, you sure do get a lot for your money. That’s a common theme among the Kia brand, maximizing value, and providing excellent quality. Considering the experience you get in this car, the price tag should be closer to $70,000 or more. While the V6 is ever so slightly underpowered, a 5.0 V8 is optional to really loft you along in brisk luxury. However, if value, thrift and MPG are still important to you, the V6 Luxury is the way to go.


The Genesis brand is growing, which leaves me in a little bit of doubt as to the future of the K900. Genesis is being spun off as its own bespoke brand, and I feel the folks at Hyundai/Kia might not want a competitor to an entire new brand. Either way, the platform is amazing, and Kia is really on its way up.

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