5 Best Cars To Get When You Win The Lotto

We all have the dream of hitting those winning numbers. If luck is on your side, you should pick up these rides

For car fanatics, it always starts small. A poster on your wall, a matchbox car, a movie, a game, attending a car show with your parents or friends. At some point you see something, you hear it, you feel it and it’s like your DNA was transformed to run on petrol. It’s in this moment that you realize what your first dream car is. As we get older, we feel differently about what our favorites are. Usually the car initially responsible for our fanatical personalities always stick with us. How do we have one for ourselves?

Typically these 3 items are the answer:

  1. You’re blessed with wealth
  2. You’ve won the lottery
  3. Saved money over a long period of time (retirement, personal savings, etc.)

The fact that you would have enough money for a “Supercar” shouldn’t necessarily assert that you can afford everything else that comes along with it though. We’ll keep costs and reliability in mind so you don’t have to pay a shop $60,000 for a detonated engine from your first joyride. We will also keep in mind of resale value in case you put all your eggs in one basket and it didn’t work out so well.

The 3 key requirements that makes the list:

  • Fair cost of ownership
  • Purchased new or used
  • Good resale value


Let’s begin…

5) 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo


ゴジラ That’s right, it’s Godzilla! Hail to the king of mass produced cars that lap the greatest of race tracks! Opening up the list with a car that isn’t really a “supercar” by its nature or physique, but it dominates almost everything in its path on paper and on track. Cost of ownership is about 1/2 of the cost if you’re ambitious enough to tackle automotive issues on your own and source your parts from the aftermarket. Besides that, there are less than a handful of common problems. The transmission notably is great in many ways but can become as good as a paperweight over good amount of abuse. I strongly believe the GT-R name brand is becoming pretty stale over 8 years of the same design but the Nismo is the Taj Mahal of the GT-R brand and very special to almost anyone. It would be foolish not to invest in one based on their resale value alone.

4) 2016-17 Dodge Viper ACR


I am sure we all wish to say 2018 Dodge Viper, but FCA put the kibosh in 2015 and announced the Viper brand will have its last production year in 2017. The Viper ACR is the all-American top dog at the Nurburgring so it gives a handful of bragging rights along with your purchase. Parts are very attainable and inexpensive compared to most. The Viper is a drivers car and arguably the greatest Viper yet. It’s certainly not a road trip car for your comfort, but take this to any track event and watch everyone drool over this masterpiece of what is the biggest “go out with a bang” Dodge Viper. We don’t know when the Viper will be back or ever, so that could mean a great investment in the long run.

3) 2009 Spyker C8 Aileron


You probably have no idea what it is and probably have never seen one. Therefore, you probably already disagree with this vehicle being on the list. Consider Spyker to be the diamond in the rough on many levels. Is it a car or a luxurious airplane? Well, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong either way since the overall design is inspired by an airplane. There are only three materials that make this car: aluminum, leather, and glass. With this car, it’s all about elegance and rarity. Only 50 models are built per production year which makes it very exclusive. The best part of these cars are how absolutely special they are. No stone unturned, the detail is unsurpassed for every inch of its exterior and interior. The Spyker adopts a 4.2 liter V8 from Audi so parts are easily found if you ever needed them. The shifting assembly is known as most beautiful and unique and similar to a Pagani. If you ever need to sell it, the rarity of this car helps keep its value high.

2) 2017 Audi R8 5.2 plus quattro r8

The R8 has been the buzz since its introduction in 2006. Equipped with one of the fastest production 7-speed transmissions in the world, the legendary Audi space frame, and the iconic “quattro” all wheel drive system. The body is mainly all aluminum and carbon fiber to help keep it light. This car is not recommended to those that tend to feel the need for a man and machine bond. The car does all the work for you and sometimes that can be the downside. Someone that has much more “old school” interests once told me, “When I test drove it on the track, it was great but it was just too perfect… it doesn’t give me the reward of driving but rather the leisure.” and I feel he is correct in many ways. If perfection is what you look for, then this is the car to have without second guessing.


1) 2016-17 Ferrari 488 GTB


There is no manufacturer that can even come close to touching the rich history of Ferrari. Between the racing heritage and the story of Enzo Ferrari himself, the word “special” doesn’t cut it anymore. It is actually funny to think that in 1963, Ferrari wanted to sell to Ford… The only reason the deal fell through was because one of the stipulations were that Ferrari would no longer be part of the racing division of the company and pigs would fly before that would ever happen. That shows some extreme dedication when your company is in a rough bind. Well it seemed that decision worked itself out and Ferrari is better than ever. Every vehicle produced by Ferrari can always expect breathtaking results and the 488 GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta) is no exception. It has looks that kill, a suspension to admire, an interior to obsess about, and an exhaust note that is just pure… ecstasy. It’s more than just a fast car, it’s a rolling art gallery. So why not Lamborghini? Why not Porsche? If you’re asking these questions, you’re missing the point entirely. Fair resale value, check. Cost of ownership, unsurpassed. When you purchase a 488, Ferrari will include (at no extra charge) 7 years of maintenance service free of charge!  No mileage stipulations, they literally want you to go out and enjoy these cars to the fullest. When the service plan ends, they’ll give you an official certificate of factory maintenance so if you decide to sell after the plan, it further improves your resale value. Take the money you made selling the car and get another one with yet another 7 year service plan if you wish.  I don’t think any other manufacturer will offer you more. Ferrari is pure perfection in every aspect and still allows it to be driver focused and the ultimate driving experience.



There are plenty more fast and expensive cars in the world. If you do have the luck of the Irish and won the powerball or some big amount on a scratch ticket, or even if you’re currently blessed with riches in the moment, you probably already have a car in mind. I don’t believe this is a guide you should stick by as a bible, but rather a list of recommendations if you decided to be in the market for something of relevance. Would you rather take one of these vehicles in the list and replace it with something else? Provide us with some feedback and let us know in the comments! Thank you for reading and I would recommend start saving now since winning the lottery is about 1 in a million chance and the chances of being struck by lighting in a lifetime is 1 and 12,000… You see where I’m going with this.






Image sources:
5) 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo
4) 2016-17 Dodge Viper ACR
3) 2009 Spyker C8 Aileron
2) 2017 Audi R8 5.2 plus quattro
1) 2016-17 Ferrari 488 GTB


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