TBT: Pagani Zonda “Zozo” Crash

The year 2016 will be remembered as a tough one, especially for this Pagani owner

On December 3rd, the beautiful one-off Pagani Zonda “Zozo” received an unfortunate
smash to the face. There hasn’t been much reported on how this came to happen, all we know is that it did. If you haven’t seen this particular Zonda, it features rear wheel covers, an extra two tail lights, and a royal purple color.


What I’ve accessed from these pedestrian photos is that the damage seems to only be cosmetic (that’s a large plus for a car over 1 million bucks). The engine that AMG built for the car that’s rested in the rear is untouched, and no one was seriously injured in the accident. All of those things are positives for owner Yusaku Maezawa to take away from the tragedy of his unicorn, but not only that, Pagani has been able to refurbish their crashed cars in the past. Surely with the mechanics in tact this will be the next in line.


It’s been reported that the other car involved was a Mercedes Maybach 62S, which in another car crash with a Toyota Corolla may have been to topic of discussion but considered the uniqueness and rarity of this Pagani Zonda we don’t really care for the Maybach. But we do hope we see the “Zozo” back on the streets sooner than later. Hopefully Pagani will restore this One-off masterpiece.

via: [Carwhip]

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