Petroleyum’s pick for Top 5 exhausts

Petrolheads everywhere love a good sounding exhaust. Decibels do more than wake up the car, as they wake up the driver as well. For a petrolhead, it’s like hearing an amazing piece of music, with that one lyric that just gets to your soul. So, for every car enthusiast you meet, you will always hear this question come up: “what your favorite exhaust?” Petroleyum has put together a short-list of our top-five picks for best exhausts.

Number #5 Volvo S60R/V70R

Volvo has been known to make some pretty ordinary cars for people who want to get to point A to B in comfort and safety, but for some models, there is more than meets the eye. Volvo does have a few cars petrolheads will love and one our favorites is the S60R/V70R. That’s because of the sound their five-cylinder motors make when you apply a proper exhaust. It kind of sounds like a Audi R8 V10, and for a car that cost less than ten thousand dollars, optional manual, and AWD it can be a fun daily. Plus there will be no need to listen to the radio while stuck in traffic. You’ll most likely be that one weirdo revving his car non stop while giving that Prius driver next to you the famous Jeremy Clarkson smug look.

Number #4 Datsun 240Z

The Datsun 240Z was like Nissan’s version of an automotive Samurai. Light, agile, and one hell of a war cry. The Datsun 240Z was the Japanese Corvette that eventually started beating Corvettes on track, while leaving a huge historic mark in SCCA.  Today the 240Z is a classic car that still remains affordable for a young automotive enthusiast to experience. We feel the best part about the Z is the sound these L series motors produce with just a bit of exhaust work. With its lightweight design this car is like a Katakana sword going up against Bowie knives.

Number #3 Mazda 727B

There are always running jokes with the notorious rotary motor from Mazda, many are about it’s constant brap brap braping, or about it’s reliability issues. Mazda stuck to their guns and developed one of the most infamous Le Mans winning cars ever built. The Mazda 727B. The thing about this car isn’t its vibrant looks, but more so its sound. Powering this 1800 lb fighter jet would be a 2.6 liter rotary motor making 700 horsepower, redlining @9000RPM making this car sound absolutely glorious.

Number #2 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO

You should always have some type of Ferrari on your top five exhaust list, It’s a sin not to… well not really but Ferrari does have a reputation of their cars sounding incredible, including many of their older cars from the 60’s. Their V12s always have the attention of every gear head around them especially this holy grail of a Ferrari, the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO. You see, if the Ferrari 250 GTO was a woman it would be a mix of the looks of 1964 Playmate of the year Jo Collins with the vocals of Aretha Franklin. Beauty that also can sing. We’ll let the 3.0 litre V12 do the rest of the talking.

Number #1 Mercedes V12

“Wait a Mercedes is number one?” before you guys start lighting your torches and sharpening your pitchforks, just hear us out. The Mercedes S600 is famous for their V12 powered cars that were smooth and very refined making them great grand touring cars. The 6 liter V12 is also well-known for being the power plant of the Pagani Zonda. With this, you can make these Mercedes sound like a supercar by installing these custom-made titanium equal length headers made by a company in Japan called Technical Garage Sasaki. They make all different types of exhausts but this one is our favorite by far. There is only one catch, it costs nine hundred thousand Yen which converted into U.S. currency is around $7,600 dollars and that’s even before you count taxes and shipping. Then you also need to find a running and operating V12 Mercedes. We think someone could build a Mercedes like this for around $30,000, which sounds like a good deal since it makes your car sounds sound like a new Aventador.

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