[PICTURES] Ferrari 488 Crash In Illinois

It seems like just before the first snowfall this year a Ferrari 488 was crashed in Champaign, IL near The University of Illinois. The driver is well-known in the area by other people who regularly see it on Chicagoland Petrolheads and Car Spotters. According to witnesses, the driver was attempting to do a burnout, lost control and hit a building. Other sources say a Volvo wagon got in his way resulting in the crash. Pictures came from Sarah K, who had seen the crash and made sure everyone was OK.

Even if we could confirm the story of another driver to blame, the Ferrari was going too fast for conditions. It was 19 degrees in Chicago today, which is 90 minutes north of the accident. Super cars like this one have factory issued performance tire that are great for track use, but usually useless before 40 degrees and sometimes dangerous. It was not determined what tires were on the car at the time, but one could assume the driver wasn’t using ice tires for their supercar.

The 488 is equipped with 660 factory horsepower and cost almost a quarter of a million dollars. While some supercars have an all wheel drive option, the 488 comes in rear wheel drive only.

So, what is next for this student? Charges haven’t been filed as of yet and the crash is still under investigation, but most people believe what is next for the driver is a bus pass. That is at least until the car is repaired and returned with Blizzak’s. In summation, don’t be dummies. Drive with road and weather conditions in mind.

2 thoughts on “[PICTURES] Ferrari 488 Crash In Illinois

    1. Thank you for this info, Sarah. I’ll update the picture source as “Sarah K” if that is OK with you.

      I’d initially used the name of the person who posted the pictures to Chicagoland Petrolheads.



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