Future of Ferrari: A Loss of the Soul?

With the way current news stories have been going lately, headlines seem to be nothing more than shock tactics to get you to click a link. However, this is no rumor. Ferrari plans to have all of their vehicles equipped with hybrid power units by 2019. Somewhere in Italy Enzo is turning in his grave.

Believe me I’m all for the economic benefits of hybrid cars, which are both eco-friendly and pass emissions tests with flying colors. However, the heart and soul of the brand Ferrari is crying. Forward thrust provided solely by naturally aspirated V8 and legendary V12 engines will be done for… a thing of the past.


Ferrari has shown us that you can make special cars with great performance numbers and hybrid technology such as the Ferrari LaFerrari. But is the LaFerrari isn’t as “mad” as any of the legendary Enzo, F50, or F40? I guess the real question I should be asking you is, will Ferrari continue to hold that “Ferrariness?”

On the other hand, the prancing horse from Maranello has been on some of the best cars ever to see asphalt, so who are we to even question the paths they choose? We just hope that path leads to more icons like the 458 Italia, 599 GTO, and 575 Super America. You know, the cars that we all daydreamed about as kids.


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