Strict Vehicle Emissions Create A Monster: The Hypercar

With rising fuel economy standards and more red tape each year for petrol-loving cars like my Mercury Marauder, I would have thought we would have nothing to buy for transportation other than potatoes powered by vegetable oil. Oh my, was I wrong. Instead, we received the next evolutionary, revolutionary, step in speed. The hypercar.

These machines are faster, better looking and more fuel-efficient than ever. I’m sure other gearheads would agree that we simply expected more cylinders or bigger turbos. Anything to feed more air and fuel into an engine to make its “bang” more effective. But deep down, we knew something different was looming. With the threat of scaling back, I thought it was the end of days for Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but it seems like not only are they going along with the times, they are creating new times as well. Batman’s car designer has apparently transferred to Woking to work at a nice little place called McLaren.

Being that I’m old school by heart, I love the roar of an engine; the smell of gasoline and these machines still have it. These cars are simply getting better with the more regulations that are thrown at them and becoming even safer doing it, as they should. The mass-murder of speed demons I once feared does not seem to be coming as fast as I thought it would. High fuel efficiency is something I dreaded to be boring and slow, but I could not be more wrong. A hypercar is the future of rapidity and will only get quicker from here.

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