How Junkyards Are Thrift Shops For Car Enthusiasts

Do you ever need a replacement part for your car, but are running tight on funds to go the dealership? Perhaps you want to learn how to work on your car, but do not wish to risk ruining your own. The solution to these issues is the nearest junkyard.

Back in 2008 when the general pubic lacked spending money for new cars, more people were keeping their older cars on the road. This created a huge market for junkyards as to a point where many became corporate. Few and far between are small places with a junkyard dog and a cranky old man at the gate who will refuse to let you in unless you can name the exact part and car you are looking for. The prices are still low, even at a yard like LKQ, which is what seems like the Wal-Mart of junkyards.

You can walk around several acres and find your part for sometimes one-fifth of the retail price and, even on the rare occasion, for free if the owner is having a great day. Just like a thrift store, you never know what you’ll find. These days there is even an online inventory for some places, but you never know what just arrived that didn’t make the website yet. You may be looking for a seat, but end up leaving with a set of snow tires in the middle of July, because you know a deal when you spot one.

Cheers to junkyards for saving us money, allowing us to learn, keeping our old cars running and getting our creativity going with new projects.

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