Car Enthusiasts Should Respect Bicyclists And Prius Owners.

Bikes and hybrids ease the pains of traffic, and save more fuel for enthusiasts.

Let’s face it, whenever we see someone on a bike, we see the person as someone in the way. They hardly ever stop at stop signs, weave though traffic and love to throw a fit whenever they get hurt or almost hurt, even when they disobeyed the traffic law. The Prius owner feels as though they are making a stand against dinosaur technology and doing a good for the world, by driving a vehicle with close to double the gas mileage of your average petrol car. When in reality they are doing more harm with their batteries, but that’s another story.

So why do we owe our polar opposites respect? The answer is they save fuel for us and reduce traffic volume. Think if every person on a bicycle used a car, how many more cars would be on the road, especially in a city? Parking spaces would be more difficult to obtain and the rise in the demand for gasoline would be astronomical. This brings us back to the Prius and other hybrids. Sure, they are making the environment worse long-term, but right now, they are only using a faction of the fuel, saving it for people who like to drive. Not only does this keep gas prices down, but it also helps business owners who have no choice than to drive a van for their plumbing company or a huge pickup for their construction business.

In the end, we owe bike riders and Prius drivers a huge thank you for making our drive faster and less expensive. If it weren’t for the popularity of the Prius and its image of eco friendliness, other hybrids may not have caught on. Don’t say thank you to their face though, because likely they will tell you how you need to be more like them.

via: [Chicago Tribune]

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