Forza Horizon 3 Is A BLAST!

I’ll start by saying there have been few pure driving games like Forza Horizon 3. Since its Initial release date on September 27th 2016, the game hasn’t had any dull moments. The people at Turn 10 Studios and Forza have created a perfect blend of Open World gaming and Motorsports racing with 433 cars to toy around with.


The off-road terrain racing in this game is incredibly addicting. Like Post Malone in the “White Iverson” music video I took a Rolls Royce Wraith to slide around in the desert and racked up Skill Points. Flying over hills is an easy way to do so, but the other terrains are just as fun. The rain forest like area of the map is beautiful and nostalgic. I catch myself many times slowly cruising through windy roads just looking at the landscape, it’s really well done. The beach area is also beautiful and also a challenge, it’s a place to lose the back-end fairly easily and trudge through shallow waters…or deeper water if you have a car built for that sort of tomfoolery. There are Caves, Back-roads, an Air Field, and so much more you can explore. The map is HUGE.


Now in my opinion this car list is pretty solid. Of course there are a few cars I’d like to see in upcoming DLC such as the McLaren 675 LT, Bentley Bentayga, Aston Martin DB10, and a few more but I can’t complain about having 433 different options. There is a wide variety, from Ferraris that cost more 30 million plus – at real auctions – to your everyday tuner cars like the Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT-86 (they’re the same damn car). So literally there is something for everyone. What Forza brought to Horizon 3 that they left out of Horizon 2 is tuning, and thank god they brought that back. Now your cars are just as customizable as they are in the Motorsport series and that adds a tasteful new element to the game for drivers who prefer sliding corners over gripping corners…and vice versa. The car I’ve fallen in love with the most is the Lamborghini Centanario (yes, I’m a fanboy) , but the car is damn good at every category and it’s beautiful to admire.


There is so much more I’d like to go in-depth with regarding Forza Horizon 3 but you’re just going to have to take my word for it, and the rest of every gaming publications. This game is DAMN GOOD. If you don’t own it already go buy it. I highly recommend you get the VIP Edition as well because the benefits are worth it. Cruising around with your friends in all of your favorite cars is an automotive enthusiasts dream right? Although it may be in a virtual simulation you can still achieve that dream! And Forza Horizon 3 is a great way to do it.

Game Rating: 9.5/10

Pros: Car variety, Complete open world, Extremely fun, and A lot to accomplish

Cons: Driving on the left hand side is annoying at first…for the countries that don’t generally do that. And Traffic Cars can be a bit much at times.


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