“The Escape” Unintentionally Explains Bad Habits Of BMW Drivers

BMW drivers are actually far better than we give them credit for. In a new short film released by BMW over the weekend, The Escape depicts the scene of a clone frantically avoiding the clutches of authority. “Specimen 5,” also known as Lily, is an illegal human clone, confronted with an unknown fate. After her creator mysteriously vanished, a private security company is selected to drive her to safety. The chosen ride is the brand new G30 BMW 5-series. During that sequence of escaping authorities, we see in plain view all of the bad driving habits normally associated with BMW owners. Dramatic lane changes, tailgating, not even a flicker from the turn signal. They are all there.

But this driver, played by Clive Owen, is not a bad man. He’s a hero. Perhaps all other bad BMW drivers are also heroes. In their own way, of course.

I know it’s easy to honk your horn, or flash your lights or give certain gestures, but there’s a bigger picture here. The next time a BMW driver cuts you off, or doesn’t use their turn signal, just think about their work for science and the advancement of humans as a species.

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