Lamborghini Miura Is A Timeless Classic

In many ways, Pagani is like Lamborghini. Their introduction of the Zonda C12 threw the supercar industry directly on its ear. Not only because the car was absolutely stunning to drive and look at, but because they’ve stuck around since then. Dozens of Italian supercar companies have come and gone, so clearly the ones who’ve hung on this long have some magical ingredients mixed into their essence of being.

Lamborghini’s Miura is undoubtedly one of those vehicles. Spurred-on by the now infamous spat between Ferruccio and Enzo, the Miura is the son of spite.

What’s refreshing is to see a car like this belonging to a collector who genuinely enjoys driving his cars. The only dust collecting on this Lamborghini is the dust kicked up from the road.

via: [Petrolicious]

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