Chicago’s Own Volo Auto Museum To Get TV Show

The Volo Auto Museum staff has some extra pep in their day after announcing recently that the museum will have it’s own series on the History Channel.

Screenshot (23)

According to a post made by Volo Auto Museum on Facebook, History Channel will begin filming this fall and plans on airing the show this winter. The Volo Auto Museum has a considerable collection of cars that will grab the attention of any car enthusiast. The museum features 33 exhibits, and stands unique in the fact that a lot of the cars that are on display at the museum are for sale.
Volo cars

It is still under clear what the show will be based on. It will likely focus on the unique stories of the cars currently on display, as well as their former owners. If you ask me, I think the auto enthusiasts of Chicago are quite excited to have another part of our scene get some attention. 

Advanced auto parts



You can find out more information on Volo Auto Museum on their FaceBook page.

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