That One Manual, LS3 Swapped Jaguar XJ8L…

If one thing stands out among the bleak, boring, common commuter cars that litter the streets during a Friday rush hour in Chicago, it is this: the manual, LS3 swapped Jaguar XJ8L. Featured on Matt Farah’s One Take, where Farah takes a drive in this car with the owner sitting shotgun, talking to him about his car and reviewing it in the process.

This car is unique in every way. From the manual swapped T56 transmission, the LS3 swapped V8 tuned from Lingenfelter, to the paint only available on an Audi R8 and S8, this car is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I was roaming the streets a couple days ago during rush hour, not intending to car spot. I was trying to grab some fresh architecture shots, when suddenly I stumbled across this gem. Stepping aside to casually see if it was a manual (for some odd reason, I know; these never came from the factory manual), I stopped dead in my tracks. It was! I had to share it among my various car groups. The word spread and soon enough thousands of people around the country were seeing this burnt orange/brown Jaguar popping up on their news feeds. I spent about fifteen minutes ooh-ing and ahh-ing and snapping some photos before I meandered away. I present to you these images below, which I hope you enjoy.

The owner’s Instagram account can be found here.

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