Is Cadillac Finally Going to bring back the Cien?

The automotive world has had some crazy concepts that has wowed the majority of people and deified expectations that future cars would be boring or unexciting, I could only imagine the excitement of automotive enthusiasts and journalists in 2002 when Cadillac unveiled their own version of a sports car. The Cadillac Cien. A V12 powered Lazy Boy on wheels with Stealth fighter styling, Lamborghini style scissor doors, and a removable targa-top. All of those elements made this car look like it was ready for a dogfight with any of its European rivals. Sadly the Cien concept was made to celebrate Cadillac’s 100th anniversary and was never intended for production. Tragic. 


BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE! That hope comes in the form of the new rumored C8 “Zora” platform that will host the makings of the first production mid-engine Corvette. We remember the Northstar V8 powered XLR well, which gives us hope that Cadillac’s management team might be open to their own mid-engine car. This Concept may be over a decade old, but we have to remember that the production version of a concept may differ from the concept. The degree of difference is sometimes subtle, but sometimes quite dramatic. If Caddy were to re-make the Cadillac Cien, I feel there will be a number of changes that I’m sure the majority of you would easily agree with. The name of the car, Cien (we are a few years late for that) and the engine.


Cadillac chose the name Cien for their concept car to celebrate their 100th anniversary, Cien literally means “one hundred” in Spanish. I feel if Cadillac did make this car they would slap on a V badge and call it a day for the reason of automotive car name familiarity. For example when the Ford motor corporation tried changing the Ford Taurus name to the Ford 500 for two years their cars didn’t sell all that well, So I’m sure Cadillac would like to save themselves the hassle and just name it in line with their V performance line.


For the power train the Cien was built with a 7.5 liter Northstar V12 producing 750 horsepower giving the Cien a top speed of 217 mph. I doubt General motors is willing to put that big of a motor in a current version, because they don’t want kill Bambi by melting the polar ice caps and allowing earth to end up like that Kevin Costner movie Water World, you know, that old chestnut. Instead I think they would use one of their more green, somewhat eco-friendly forced induction V8s that Bambi comes to know and love, especially on back country roads. With good aerodynamics and a decent power from the motor, the standard 200mph supercar benchmark will easily be surpassed.


The big problem with all of this speculation is lack of information, General Motors still hasn’t confirmed that the C8 is going to be mid-engine. But many journalists have their speculations due to the performance handicap General Motors has been hitting with their front-engine models like the C6 ZR1, and the recent C7 Z06. Don’t get me wrong I love the good ol’ fashion FR layout, especially if the motor is rocking 600+ horsepower, but it seems Chevrolet wants even more performance out of their golden child of a car. Noting that Ford just started racing their super-car, the Ford GT, it gives Chevrolet more incisive to make the C8 mid-engine. I really hope that General Motors makes something like the Cien, because it tickles my inner car guy to watch the Americans take on the Europeans at their own game of making luxurious super cars and have them battle it out on the black top. It’s like watching two of the most elite ballet dancers have a one-on-one atop the grand stage as journalists watch from the audience in utter excitement on who will be victorious.


I don’t know about you, if this dream does come true, I will be rooting for the Americans because I think it’s finally their time to really shine in the automotive world.  


Featured image: [ConceptCarz]

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