E.U. Laws Make Track Day Rubber Illegal

Europe is known for being quite strict when it comes to things we normally take for granted here in the ‘States. Such as being able to choose the type of tire you want to put on your car. That said, a new E.U. law requires all tires to pass certain tests for rolling resistance, wet grip and noise. These parameters really put a hardship on enthusiasts, as it makes sticky track-day rubber illegal for road use.

Late in 2014, E.U. rules dictated that tires with a lower “G” rating for rolling resistance would no longer pass their new standards, rendering them for competition use only. With remaining inventory now sold out, the new crop of tires in the E.U. have either been made for competition use only (forcing you to swap tires at the track), or have a new compound which compromises grip (wave at all the people faster than you).

For reference, rolling-resistance ratings in Europe are loosely related to our tread-wear rating under UTQG standards. Lower tread-wear ratings are typically higher grip, but in turn are pretty awful for rolling resistance. The new rule affects popular track-day tire choices like the Toyo Proxes R888, Kuhmo V70, and Yokohama Advan Ao48R for their high rolling resistance.

Yokohama has decided to strip labeling, and make most of their Advan series for track use only, where as Kuhmo and Toyo have offered other compound options after the R888 and V70A range were both hit with the new rules. Thankfully, Yanks like you and I don’t have to worry about this. We can sit back and enjoy our freedom and track day tires.

via: [Evo Magazine #221]

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