2016 TIC Car Show: Event Coverage

Sunday, June 26th. A sweaty, hot, sun-burnt crowd of Chicagoland car enthusiasts – myself included – swarmed an asphalt desert to enjoy one of my favorite car shows of the season, The 2016 TIC 2016 Car & Bike Show. I personally had a blast. Exquisite vehicles and gorgeous women, coupled with the Chicago heat, culminated into the best type of car show weather. You know, the kind that brings out convertibles and bikinis. I can say with full confidence that despite a new found love for aloe vera, I have no regrets concerning my over exposure to UV rays.

As the early car season has been plagued by uncharacteristic rain and bad weather. I fully embraced my day in the sun, as did my fellow petrol heads. The turnout of the car community, vehicles and fans alike, was fantastic.

2nd photo

One of the coolest things that made the show worth going to was that this event allowed the local car community to embrace the best word to ever be told to a car guy: free. Free for spectators, and surprisingly for vendors as well. With that being said, some big names in the Chicago car scene showed up with their booths setup, products ready to sell, and their models ready to pose.

so ill booth 3rd photo

If the models didn’t make you drool, the cars that showed up surely would. If you did attend the show, there was at least one car that would catch your attention. Whether it was a classic, JDM, Euro, domestic, or for BTR show case mostly Hyundai’s. Personally my favorite was Team BTR’s Hyundai Veloster which was built for the SEMA car show. It took best of show for good reason you can read about the car on their website here.


I know a lot of people can get bored very fast at these events after looking at all the cars or talking to most of these owners about their builds. Here at TIC, there was always something to do like having the models pose with you or your car, or hop on the arcade machines inside the venue, or watch people duke it out during a break dancing competition.


This Show was an absolute blast to attend, and I strongly suggest you come out to the next show that TIC hosts. With the unbiased car show judging, the event being free for most people who attend, beautiful models that are willing to take photos with you or with your car there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be trying to call off work for their next show. Now it’s time to start working on my fake cough…

Special thanks to team BTR for letting me hang with them most of the day. It was a pleasure to be in your presence, also special thanks to my buddy Don that allowed me to ride up with him, allowing me a chance to cover this event.

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