Rumored Audi “R6” Sports Car To Be Based on Boxster 718

Audi R6

Audi’s R8 halo car might share space on the showroom floor with another sports car, rumored to be named the R6. Based on the new 718 Boxster platform, it is said to have performance right in the middle of the TT and the R8, which leaves me curious to see what kind of engine they will use. To fare better against a TT, it’ll need to have more than 220 horsepower, and if the current Boxster S is the current measure, it has 350 horsepower to offer. But it might not be a flat-four engine that propells it.

The report from AutoBild indicates that it’ll have Quattro all-wheel drive and have a range of horsepower options with 280, 340 and 400 horswepower, which falls closely in line with the offerings you can get in the TT, the TT S and TT RS. Does this mean Audi will have a mid-engine Quattro monster on their hands? Only time will tell.

via: [PaultanAutoBild]

2 thoughts on “Rumored Audi “R6” Sports Car To Be Based on Boxster 718

  1. This makes me wonder though, why will they allow a Porsche Boxster/Cayman competitor!? Well then again not everyone wants an AWD sports car, what with tail happy / Tokyo drift being all the craze.

    Also doesn’t the A6 get forgotten about as people buy A4 and A8? Then why place something between the TT and R8? This niche stuff is getting out of hand.


  2. Screw all of this. What happened the the Audi Quattro Concept from a few years back? They need to start building that instead.


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