Drift Chi-Town Shines In First Event

The fumes of burnt rubber paraded the new drift pad at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, Wisconsin on May 22nd. A wide variety of cars lined up early to get their turns to slide around driver-created courses at 9 a.m. What seemed like an endless amount of cars entered, from modded Mazda Miatas to the popular Scion Fr-s/Subaru BRZ twins and everything in between. C-Speed, an automotive team from Chicago, hosted their first ever Drift Chi-Town and the turnout was bonkers.


Throughout the day I saw more drivers build the courage to attempt “kissing the wall”, a move that lets the back end of your ride to scrape the wall while maintaining your slide. A BMW 325i was the first to make this attempt and the first to lose his bumper! but all was well as the assless 3 Series was one of the most entertaining cars to watch during the event. Drivers then teamed up to tear around the course together in tandem and that seemed to really get the crowd excited. I took the opportunity to stand on the wall as a three car tandem complete with two Nissan 240’s and the assless 3 series went nuts around the course. It was the most insane forty seconds of my life. One of the three in the tandem kissed the very wall I was standing on…while I was recording, leaving me speechless as the group sped off towards the finish.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.53.59 AM

Regardless if you came to Drift Chi-Town as a spectator or participant, you got your money’s worth. Not to mention the Stunt Bike Show Intermissions in between drift sessions. That was as they say “lit”. A day filled with people acrobatically standing on stunt bikes, screeching tires, and sideways cars is always a great day and if you missed it don’t freak out! C-Speed is hosting Drift ChiTown 2.0 June 19th at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, Wisconsin. For $40 you can drift (long jeans, and closed toe’d shoes only) and for $15 you can watch the madness (kids under 12 are free). This event was a hit and the next one is looking to be even better. I would circle June 19th on your calendar because the enthusiast inside of you begs for it.

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