The Grand Tour Invites YOU To South Africa!

It’ll take a while to get used to the new name, but the former Top Gear hosts are inviting you to the first ever taping of their new Amazon Prime series called “The Grand Tour.” It is located in Johannesburg, which is a long way from London, and yet they want you to be part of the action! You’ll have to enter the hashtag #TheGrandTourJoburg with the most unusual place that you’ve pitched a tent. Clearly this is for some out-doorsy people. If you win, you’ll be flown to South Africa with some cash in hand and able to see the first season episode being taped. One can only imagine the challenges and cars that they will be driving but audiences world-wide are sure to tune in with higher numbers than Chris Evan’s underwhelming season opener with the “new” Top Gear on BBC/BBC America.

Speaking of Top Gear, former enthusiasts seem to be eager to rip the new cast to shreds in any way that they can, while loyal Top Gear fans are looking forward to the new Amazon series, which is set to debut this fall. Internet-only broadcasts seem like a bit of a risk, but the entertainment industry has turned significantly in the past year or so to give merit to that medium. Netflix and Hulu have proven this, so Amazon Prime is in a good position to prove that broadcast television might have its days numbered.

via: [Road & Track]

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